"The way to the HyMo box" - hygiene made easy!

The word HyMo stands for hygiene monitoring, i.e. a continuous check of the microbiological status. The HyMo-Box is an instrument that can be used to determine the surface germ content of sensitive surfaces. Samples are taken directly by the person placing the order. It concerns thereby hygenic self-controls.

The HyMo-Box is used to determine the low germ content after cleaning and disinfection measures on surfaces. The hygiene laboratory at Hohenstein Laboratories is accredited and has been carrying out environmental tests in laundries, private households and many other companies for more than 50 years.

The HyMo-Box is used to determine the low level of germs on surfaces after cleaning and disinfection measures.

The initial idea for the Hygiene Monitoring Box was born in 2019, even before the Covid 19 pandemic. The thinking began with the question: why are there no disinfectant dispensers for feet in indoor and outdoor swimming pools today?

In the 1980s and 90s, this option for disinfecting feet was available everywhere, but why not now? Has athlete's foot been eradicated? How can visitors be sure that the floors they walk on are free of fungal skin pathogens? How can they be sure that the floors have been properly disinfected? How is it possible to identify skin fungi on the floor in the showers of indoor swimming pools, for example? Laboratory detection works safely and easily. Surfaces can be sampled with a smear or swab, sent to a laboratory, and analyzed in detail there. For example, laboratory personnel can perform the sampling themselves at the facility. This procedure is mandatory for water testing, as the person taking the sample must have completed training in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance. But what about surface sampling? This can be carried out by non-trained laboratory technicians by means of a brief instruction in the form of a manual.

The idea was born! Through simple handling, understandable instructions and the necessary equipment, sampling can also be carried out by people who are not specially trained. And not only in indoor swimming pools. All companies with public traffic have to ensure a high level of hygiene. At contact surfaces, which are touched or used by different people, special measures for cleaning are necessary. With the HyMo-Box these efforts can be checked and verified. The examination is carried out in a professional laboratory, which then provides the examination result for the order. The report is easy to understand, and the hygienic condition of the establishment can be verified. Customers can give their own clientele the assurance of good operational hygiene. This creates trust. A certificate can be presented visibly to the clientele. The costs are clear and affordable.

With the results of the examinations, cleaning and disinfection plans can be revised, e.g. cleaning intervals can be shortened or extended.

Through the HeylNeomeris webshop, the HyMo box you are interested in can be ordered, and express shipping will promptly deliver everything needed for hygiene testing. Samples are taken according to simple step-by-step instructions. Following sample collection, the samples are also returned via an express service. The laboratory analyzes the samples and sends a report as well as a certificate on the self-checks in the company.

Target groups are tradesmen who have no prior knowledge of laboratory work. The HyMo-Box is designed for companies that have frequent customer contact and maintain or want to establish a hygiene management system. The test reports can also be presented to authorities if a functioning hygiene concept needs to be supported with laboratory test results. The advantage for users is the easy handling. The box contains everything that is important for the examination. The report is easy to understand. The results are color-coded, green means the value is ok, red means the number of germs is too high.

The illustration shows examples of areas where there are contact surfaces that require special hygiene measures. In the categories, the HyMo-Box can be a suitable means of recording the microbiological status of surfaces.

Matching products

HyMo-Box Surface Check
Product number: 896000M
Did you know that, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), up to 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands? Consistent cleaning and disinfection of relevant surfaces is therefore one of the most important measures to prevent the transmission of germs. With your HyMo-Box "Surface Check", you can easily and quickly confirm the success of your cleaning and disinfection measures. You will receive the results in a clear and concise test report from the Hohenstein Institute.Scope of delivery HyMo-Box Surface Check Basic 20 RODAC plates (40 RODAC plates "Surface-Check XL")1 waterproof pen 1 bottle of hand disinfectant 1 cooling element Instructions Sampling plan

HyMo-Box Professional Laundry Check
Product number: 896005M
When it comes to the hygienic safety of the laundry you process, our HyMo-Box "Professional Laundry Check" enables you to check the disinfecting washing processes you use under practical conditions. By using bioindicators, you ensure optimal hygienic cleanliness of the processed laundry in accordance with the requirements of the "Guideline for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention" of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). In addition, the inactivation of the MS2 phages gives an indication of the sufficient virucidal effect of your washing process (spectrum of effect B). The harmless substitute virus can be used safely in the laundry and is used in scientific studies due to its similarity to noroviruses. With the RODAC plates supplied, you can also have us confirm the low germ count of the disinfected laundry (wet and dry) by means of a swabbing procedure. Surfaces that come into contact with the product, such as shelves, laundry containers or employees' hands, can also be checked in this way to identify weak points and adapt cleaning and disinfection plans.Scope of delivery HyMo-Box Profi Laundry Check 20 RODAC plates for the examination of surfaces 3 bioindicators each in laundry net (E. faecium / S. aureus/ MS2 phage)3 transport controls of bioindicators in tubes3 empty sterile tubes3 test tubes with culture medium1 sterile tweezers1 waterproof pen1 bottle of hand disinfectant1 cooling elementInstructions Sampling plan

HyMo-Box Sterilisation Check
Product number: 896006M
Our HyMo-Box "Sterilisation Check" enables you to carry out microbiological validation and routine checks of your steam sterilisers in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 17665 standard and the European Pharmacopoeia*. With the help of the bioindicators from the HyMo-Box, you are able to check the proper functioning or sterilisation performance of your steam sterilisers and thus ensure the hygienic safety of the tools you use. You can use the bioindicators for devices of all makes, e.g. for vertical stand-alone autoclaves, horizontal table-top and stand-alone autoclaves or pass-through autoclaves. The RODAC plates supplied also enable you to examine the environment, such as work surfaces, for low germ levels by means of a swabbing procedure. Other surfaces such as shelves or the hands of your staff can also be checked in this way to identify weak points and adjust your cleaning and disinfection plans. This is how you ensure a permanently low-germ environment. * European Pharmacopoeia, 10th edition, basic edition 2020, Deutscher Apotheker VerlagScope of delivery HyMo-Box Sterilisation Check 20 RODAC plates for the examination of surfaces 2 bioindicators with spores of the test germ Geobacillus stearothermophilus 1 transport control of the bioindicator 1 waterproof pen 1 bottle of hand disinfectant 1 cooling element Step-by-step instructions Sampling plan

HyMo-Box Kitchen Check
Product number: 896004M
The HyMo-Box "Kitchen Check" allows you to check the cleaning and disinfection performance of dishwashers. You receive reliable confirmation that the disinfection performance of the process used is sufficient. Wash your dishes as usual with the programme you have chosen and the detergent you usually use by placing the bioindicators from the HyMo box into the cutlery tray of your dishwasher. After running through the rinse cycle, you can take additional swab samples from the dishwasher, the cleaned dishes and the surrounding area using the RODAC plates provided and send them back to our partner, the Hohenstein Institute, free of charge together with the bioindicators for microbiological laboratory testing. The Hohenstein Institute tests in accordance with the DIN 10510 and DIN 10512 standards and tells you how hygienically your appliances are working. Scope of delivery HyMo-Box Kitchen-Check 20 RODAC plates for testing surfaces 8 bioindicators in blister packaging 8 empty sterile tubes 1 transport control bioindicator 1 sterile tweezers 1 waterproof pen 1 bottle of hand disinfectant 1 cooling element Instructions Sampling plan

HyMo-Box Temperature Check
Product number: 896002M
With our HyMo box "Temperature Check" you can check whether washing machines comply with the selected temperature ranges and thus document the proper condition of your appliances in everyday use. Load your washing machine or washing cycle machine as usual with the laundry that accumulates and add the laundry net with a temperature data logger that you receive from us. After the wash cycle, simply return the laundry net free of charge to our partner, the Hohenstein Institute. At the same time, you can take samples of the laundry and washing machine environment with the RODAC plates that are also supplied and send them to the Hohenstein Laboratory. After evaluating the samples, you will receive a clear temperature-time diagram from the Hohenstein Institute. Based on the temperature curve, you can see whether the (temperature) specifications of the selected washing programme are actually being adhered to, for example with regard to listed, disinfecting washing processes. Scope of delivery HyMo-Box Temperature Check Basic 20 RODAC plates for testing surfaces (40 RODAC plates "Temperature-Check XL")1 x laundry net with temperature logger (2 x laundry net with temperature loggers "Temperature-Check XL")1 waterproof pen 1 bottle of hand disinfectant 1 cooling element Instructions Sampling plan